Mike for Mayor – Galime '23

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Based on Our People

City Government

Back to Basics

A Fresh Roadmap

Where We Stand, Into The Future

Communication with the People

The way the city interfaces and connects with its people, businesses, and community organizations, as well as neighboring municipalities, is as important as the services we provide. This begins with the simple acknowledgment that the City of Utica’s government has a relationship with every person, organization, and business in the community, and a commitment that we are all stakeholders in our future, together. We must be open, clear, and direct. The city’s business is in the interest of its people.

City Hall

A fresh look at leadership starts within the four walls of City Hall. As Mayor, Mike Galime will put private sector experience in personnel management, project development, and team building to work. “Backed by a grounded understanding of how our City government can and should work, I will work collaboratively with the department heads and our employees to create a better working machine for the people, while re-engaging the workforce.” Through assessment and review of all city operations, fresh goals and expectations will be set, creating a roadmap for making measurable gains in how municipal services and resources are delivered and accountable to the priorities of the people of Utica.

Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization

Utica is bigger than Genesee Street. Our neighborhoods have been overlooked for too long. We cannot lose focus on our path of redeveloping Utica, but we absolutely must give each neighborhood attention to detail while improving the delivery of services that allow our residents to be successful in all the neighborhoods we call home.

Public Safety

“Public Safety specific to reducing crime is a clear priority from the people of Utica, and I stand with each and every Utican committed to working with all available public resources, partnering with all levels of municipal government to reduce upticks in cyclical crime, and bring order to our streets.” A strong commitment to public safety starts with taking care of the boots on the ground who provide the services in the first place. Whether it’s police, fire, codes, or DPW emergency services, as Mayor, Mike will ensure the resources, training, technology, and support exist to keep our streets clean, our neighborhoods safe, and our city on a path to prosperity for the residents of Utica.

Economic Development

Utica has seen a strong resurgence of activity and growth. With many influential investments coming to fruition, and others sitting in wait or limbo, we need to move forward knitting the fabric of our community back together and reinvigorating small businesses to infill what is now coming online. “I will lead with a new mindset targeted on diverse local ownership, results-based assessment, cohesively planned infrastructure supporting private investment, and a focus on neighborhood business districts throughout the community. We can continue to stoke the growth of what we have underway.”

Fiscal Responsibility

Our fund balance has grown, and our sales tax revenue has increased, however, we still have work to do. As Mayor, Mike’s fiscal policy starts with a commitment that our tax dollars must be spent in a way that delivers efficient services, maintains our infrastructure, keeps our streets clean, maintains the safety of our people, and supports the day-to-day life that each and every resident and business needs. “Moving into our future, we need to ensure we can maintain the infrastructure we have, make investments that lower our long-term maintenance liabilities, and look to grow our fiscal stability while supporting the delivery of our critical services, such as public safety
and public works.”

Parks & Recreation

While we have seen a huge uptick in community volunteers taking care of our parks, the City of Utica must commit more time and funding to the valuable resources people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds may enjoy. As we stand, Utica has an amazing wealth of indoor and outdoor options for activity. Whether you are a hockey, baseball, or FC spectator, enjoy playing golf, tennis, or softball, visit the Utica Zoo or have children in youth leagues and activities, or simply enjoy our incredible parks system, Utica has an experience to offer. As Mayor, Mike will set policies that ensure all of our citizens have access to the health and community wellness provided by our robust parks and recreation systems.

Youth Engagement

The future of our community lies with our youth. A constant ask from our residents is to hire more local residents to fill our public safety, public works, and within the overall city employment base. “We must create internship opportunities within every department of the City. Real jobs, not just paper-pushing summer work. As a City, we must work diligently to provide these opportunities to the young adults who attend the Utica City Schools. If we want engaged, community-minded adults, then we must engage our youth.”

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